Dear All

February is the month of love. No matter who you are, single or committed, young or old, male or female, we all love Valentines day. That is also the day when we dig deep for our creativity, to surprise the one we love or the ones that don’t now we love them…

So what are you planning on this special day?

What about:

* a secret, long stem Rose on that special ones desk at work…or on their wind screen

* a romantic card with a riddle they have to figure out, leading them to a reclusive picnic spot..with you waiting with a picnic basket and a glass of bubbly

* a bubble bath, sprinkled with rose pedals…cold bubbly on ice

* a note written on his windscreen with your special colour lipstick – make sure you add a wipe!

* calling him/her from a pay phone/private number and once they answer, play them a romantic song

…, there is just so much we can do to surprise that special one. Me, I’m spending it with my handsome husband and dear friends visiting from Serbia.

This month I have included an easy, romantic menu for the love birds. Dont forget to add a lot of candles, red, velvety table-cloth and bright red or white flowers.

Click here for this months menu: Valentine menu

Enjoy a love filled day, Adri